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Off A Bit Farm Duncan needs a new herd!

Sometimes life doesn't go as plan. Duncan, who was the very first kid born on our farm, is all grown up and was ready to start his life as herd sire on our friend's farm. They were excited to be starting their own herd of Kinders and working hard to learn everything they could about goats. We were excited to have Duncan, his wethered friend Odhran and two of our favorite doelings, Lily and Skye close enough to home that we could watch them grow up. Then life happens... Sadly our friends are having to re-home all of their farm animals. We are doing our best to help them rehome their small herd. We are hopeful that we have found a good farm for the girls so now we are working to find a great working home for Duncan and Odhran. Here are a few pictures of him. Pictures of his sire, Pricker Patch Farm Perry, and his dam, Pricker Patch Farm Willamantic, can be found here along with their pedigrees. Duncan and Odhran are both registered with the Kinder Goat Breeders Association. If you are looking for a great 18 month old buck, please call or message us.

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