2021 Spring Kids

PPF Damariscotta x PPF Perry kidded 3/21/21

Maris delivered triplets, unassisted.  She has 2 doelings and a buckling.  All 3 of these kids will be looking for new farms to call there own since we have already retained a Maris doeling from an earlier kidding.  6/14/21 UPDATE- Keitha has been sold.  Berget is still available.
Braden - buckling-retained
Keitha - doeling SOLD
Berget - doeling

Tweed Valley Gypsy Rose x PPF Perry kidded 3/26/21

Gypsy Rose kidded, unassisted, 3 adorable doelings each of which have unique coloring.  You would never know these 3 are sisters!  The black and tan doeling already has been spoken for, but the remaining 2 will be available. UPDATE-black and tan cutie will also be available due to unforseen circumstances.  Update 6/16/2021 Jena has been sold.  Danu and Deva are both still available.
Diva - doeling
Danu - doeling
Jena - doeling SOLD

PPF Willamantic x Maggidans Kama Kazi kidded 4/21/21

Willamantic, aka Willa, gave us a very nice surprise and kidded unassisted, 3 days early, and delivered beautiful twin doelings.  One little girl looks just like her sire and one looks just like Willa.
Keira - doeling
Aline - doeling