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2019 Fall Breedings

for Spring 2020 Kinder Kids


Maggidans Kama Kazi

Kama Kazi is our new 1st gen Kinder Buck.  He came to us from North Carolina's Maggidans Farm.  He will add a little more meat to our kids while maintaining great confirmation and udder capacity.  His KGBAregistration and pedigree can be seen HERE.  We are very excited to be able to offer 2nd gen kids this spring to help freshen up the blood lines here in the Northeast.


SOV Elka

Elka is a beautiful first freshener doe from Sovereign Hill Farm in Massachusetts.  Click Here for her KGBA Pedigree. She was bred to Kama Kazi and is due April 23.


OAB Aine

Aine is a first freshener as well and one of the first kids born here on our farm.  She is a PPF Perry x PPF Damariscotta doe. Click Here for her pedigree. She has been bred to Kama Kazi and is due to deliver some beautiful 2nd generation kids on April 21st.


PPF Perry

Meet PPF Perry!  Perry has been our herd sire for 3 years now.  He's a big boy and very well put together.  As an added bonus he is super friendly and very respectful. But don't let that fool you! He is quite the ladies man and has not once failed us during our twice yearly breeding seasons. To see Perry's impressive pedigree click HERE.  You can see some of his kids HERE and HERE


PPF Willamantic

This beauty is PPF Willamantic aka Willa. She is our herd queen and a beautiful doe with great udder capacity and a pleasure to milk either by hand or machine.  Click HERE for Willa's pedigree.

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