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Spring 2021 Breedings

First up will be :

Tweed Valley Kinders Gypsy Rose bred to Maggidans Kama Kazi

Kids expected February 22, 2021


Next up is:

Pricker Patch Farm Damariscotta bred to our senior buck Pricker Patch Farm Perry

Kids are expected March 24, 2021 from this repeat of last years breeding.  These two make beautiful babies together!  The doe in our next breeding pair up is actually a Damariscotta x Perry kid who we've been very happy with.


As mentioned above, the next pair is a wonderful Maris x Perry doeling, Off A Bit Farm Aine, who is one of our first kids born here at Off A Bit Farm and is bred to Maggidans Kama Kazi.  These two made two beautiful chunky doelings last spring. Check them out here!

Kids are due March 24, 2021


Our final breeding pair this year we are very excited for!  Pricker Patch Farm Willamantic has been bred to Maggidans Kama Kazi.  Willa has given us some beautiful babies and Kazi's first generation genes will allow us to continue improving her kids with new bloodlines.

Willa is due to kid on April 24, 2021


We are so excited about the 2021 Spring kidding season and we hope you are as well! If you are looking to add Kinder goats to your herd or want to start your own herd of Kinders please contact us to be added to our wait list. 


You can reach us through the Contact Page or message us on Facebook

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