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2019 Kinder Kids for Sale

Meet Off A Bit Farm Aengus

Meet Aengus, your future herd sire perhaps.  He is a big, well muscled boy out of our buck Pricker Patch Farm Perry and our doe Pricker Patch Farm Damariscotta.  You can find more information about both sire and dam by clicking on their pedigrees on our Herd Info page.  Aengus should be weaned and ready to go to his new herd in August.


Message us here or on our Facebook page for more information and pricing.


Off A Bit Farm Kendrew

Kendrew is Damariscotta and Perry's second buckling from this springs kidding.  Only slightly smaller than his brother, friendly with a splash of handsome spots, Kendrew will likely be wethered. He would make a great companion for his brother at his new farm, a yard grooming pet, hiking companion or grown out for meat.  He'll be weaned and ready for his new home in August.

Off A Bit Farm Clarissa

Clarissa is friendly and into everything.  As the smallest of the quads she is fiercely independent and scrappy, but will also curl up on your lap for a good back scratch

Off A Bit Farm Moira


Moira is a spunky doeling who looks just like her dam Damariscotta. Sadly Moira is not able to be registered with the Kinder Goat Breeders Association due to teat spurs. She would make a great pet or companion.  We will be having her evaluated by our vet to see if the spurs would interfere with her nursing kids and post the answer when we get it. 


The Triplets-

Dougal, Dunn and Ervyn

These guys are friendly and growing well.  They will be wethered however, unless someone is looking for a buckling on the smaller size since their dam, Tweed Valley Kinder Gypsy Rose ,is our smallest doe, Their sire is Pricker Patch Farm Perry which will give them a little boost in size.

I'm always amazed at the range of colors we get from Gypsy Rose!

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