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Spring 2021 Breeding Pairs

For Fall 2021 Kids

The year has flown by and here I am posting who we bred in the spring just a month or two before we start fall/winter kidding with these girls.  So here goes:

Sovereign Hill Kinders Elka X Pricker Patch Farm Perry

Due to kid December 11, 2021

We are very excited to see what this pairing brings. Elka is a second freshener having kidded 3 bucklings unassisted last season when bred to our first generation buck Kazi. We love her easy going personality and she did great on the milkstand giving us 1/2 gallon with once a day milking while feeding 3 hungry boys.

In breeding Elka to Perry our hope is to consolidate the great milk and udder genetics they both have from their Pricker Patch/Serena Kinders bloodlines and add some of Perry's great length to their Fifth generation offspring.  We can't wait to see the results!

Off A Bit Farm Aine X Maggidans Kama Kazi

Due to kid January 3, 2022


This is a repeat of last year's breeding which, unfortunately, ended tragically when all three of Aine's kids were stillborn.  Neither we nor the vet nor the NH state veterinary lab could determine what went wrong and Aine was heartbroken as were we.  In the end Aine wanted to be a mom so badly that she co-parented her dam's kids who were born just a week after Aine lost hers.  Maris, her dam, seemed happy to share nursing duties and it definitely went a long way in helping Aine recover from her loss.  We are hopeful that this year kidding will go smoothly.  Aine is a beautiful example of a meaty, large boned Kinder with a beautiful easy to milk udder.  We'd like to see this pairing add some bulk through the shoulders, although Aine is already an improvement over her dam.

Tweed Valley Kinders Goldie X Pricker Patch Farm Perry

Due to kid January 10, 2022


These two have made some beautiful babies in the past!  Time has flown and Perry is now 8 years old so we decided to pair these 2 together one more time.  I think pictures are better than words in this case.  These kids are from the first time we bred them! Look through our other pages under "Welcome to Our Herd" for more Goldie/Perry kids!
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