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Christmas is coming and Kinder kids are on their way!

The farm is quieting down now with the gardens all cleaned up and put to bed. Barns and coops are all prepped for the frigid winter wind and there is just one more winter job for us to complete. It's almost kidding season! Time to set up birthing stalls in the "big" barn, recheck the kidding first aid kit, pull out the farm supply of towels, sheets, blankets and get reading for the big "wait". With the bizarre weather of the past spring and summer, it seems like all of our does heat cycles were really tough to catch this summer. This is why we will be kidding in Dec/Jan instead of November. Check out our 2021 Spring Breeding Pair to see the line up of who will be having kids in the next 4-6 weeks. We'll post lots of updates and kid pics once they start arriving :)

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