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How time flies

Hard to believe that summer is over and we are well into fall! With the ending of the Wilmot Farmer's Market you would think life on the farm would be quieting down about now, but that is certainly not the case this year...

Gypsy Rose and Maris are still in milk which is great and lets us continue to provide fresh, raw goats milk for several of our regular customers.

Goldie kidded November 1st :) and no she's not pregnant in this pic! She requested no unflattering pregnant pics :). Her twin doelings are going to be joining Dean Hill Farm later in the spring. While their new farm has named them Lily and Skye, we call the the flying goats because their fav place to hand out is on top of the hay bales that make up their corral :0

We picked up a new doeling, Elka, from Sovereign Hill Farm, Chester MA who will help us improve our herd with some great new genetics. At the same time we picked up several young wethers who will be raised for meat. Elka is the beauty on the right in this pic.

And..... it's breeding season!. Since Kinders® are year round breeders, we will only be breeding 2 does this fall and holding off until sometime later this month to ensure our does deliver in May when the weather is a tad warmer. This past season everyone delivered in April and it was brutally cold. To ensure we have milk year round for our customers we will also breed another 2 does in June for early fall kids. Perry, our handsome buck says he's ready to go on his dates anytime we're ready !!!

All that and so much more! I've been working on new goat's milk soap recipes, and starting to try my hand at aged goat's milk cheeses. Both of these are a lot of fun. Check back in soon for our breeding pairs and see how the cheeses are going.

As always if you need any of our products or are interested in Kinder® goats of your own, please message us from the Contact page or find us on Facebook.

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