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New Adventures

We are very excited to be part of the Wilmot Farmers Market this year. We will be at half the markets. We will post the dates later, but the first one is June 23rd. Fresh goats milk, eggs, asparagus for at least the first market, soaps, lip balms, lotions etc. Hopefully some veggies by then as well.

With the start of good weather, it's been very busy on the farm. Planting, breeding, birthing, crafting, trying to manage full time jobs and farm work is never easy. Goat kidding season is over for us and it was a learning experience. It's fun and relaxing to watch the kids play. We have bred the rabbits and we should have two litters by end of June and ready for "freezer camp" by middle of August. Planting has started, peas are up, asparagus is being picked, rhubarb is almost ready. Apple trees are in blossom, as are other fruit trees.

Gotta run! Come see us at the Market this summer!

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