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Spring is in the air 🌷🐥🐐🐇

The snow is slowly fading away here on Off A Bit Farm and spring has finally arrived. The farm family has been busy this past winter mapping out Off A Bit Farm's future and we are excited to announce that we have decided to take the leap and start sharing our bounty with our community. Starting in May we will have fresh goats milk, eggs and spring vegetables available at the farm. And did I mention Spring BABIES :). Yep, all 4 of our beautiful Kinder® goat does are expecting kids this month as well as our 2 New Zealand mix rabbit does. Contact us ay for more info and check back here often as we will post more exciting developments on the farm and of course some cute baby pics 😊. Here are a couple of pics of our pregnant does and some cute chicks to hold you over 'til the babies arrive -

Two of last spring's chicks - they are all grown up this year and very busy keeping us supplied with fresh, colorful eggs.

Here are a couple of our chicks from last spring. They're all grown up this year and giving us gorgeous colorful eggs.

Above are Willa and Gypsy, two of our Kinder® does. Willa, sitting down, is due first on April 5th. Poor girl, how many do you think she has in there?????!!!!!!

Happy Spring!


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