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Do we have Kids????!!!!! We sure do! Goat kids that is!🐐.

We had a fantastic spring kidding season in April 2020 with the final count being 3 buckling and 3 doelings.

All of our buckling are out of our new 1st generation buck KamaKazi so they are ready to find herds of their own and help diversify the genetic lines here in New Hampshire and New England. One of these boys, Fergus, already has been snapped up by a fellow NH farmer to make beautiful babies with doelings out of our girl Maris. You can see his picture on the Spring 2020 kids page. The other boys are looking for dates for this fall, so if you are in need of a "boyfriend" for your Kinder ladies check these guys out here.

For our doelings we have 2 little girls out of KamaKazi and 1 doeling out of Willa. All 3 are gorgeous with great pedigrees. Check KamaKazi's daughters out HERE and Willa's daughter out of our senior herd sire Perry HERE.

If you need any further info on any of these kids or Off A Bit Farm LLC please contact us by calling 603-530-2494 or send us a message at

Happy Spring friends and Be Well :)

Farmer Laura

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