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OMG...sleet and snow in October. Who needs that?!! It is always busy on a farm, even in winter. We have rabbits that are nearing freezer camp time, a doe who is due any day now and lots to finish before the snow really shows up!

We had originally planned on being at the Danbury Blazing Star Grange Winter Market but changes in work schedules, chores that needs to be done and honestly being tired from a long productive, busy summer made us rethink our plans.

We will still have everything available on the farm. There is normally someone there 10-1. You can always message, email, text us if you want something.

We have soaps, lip balms, lotion bars, salt scrubs, and some milk products(call for availability). We will also have wine jellies and hot pepper jelly available after 11/10.

Stay warm!!


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